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Twenty-One LHWHS Musicians Named to Honors Ensembles

Twenty-one LHWHS students have been named to one of three All-Suburban Honors music ensembles.

The students won a blind audition in a competition against students from across the St. Louis area.

Students selected for the All-Suburban Orchestra include:

  • Andy Dai, violin (1st chair, 2nd violin principal)
  • Alex Guo, cello, (2nd chair)

Students selected for the All-Suburban Concert Band include:

  • Sarah Liao, Flute (4th chair)
  • Shang Jiang, Flute (7th chair)
  • Matthew Awad, English Horn
  • Charles Randall, Bassoon (3rd chair)
  • Calvino Hammerman, Clarinet (4th chair)
  • Jin Zhang, Clarinet (8th chair)
  • Felix Zhang, Clarinet (12th chair)
  • Naman Kansal, Trumpet (7th chair)
  • Alzhraa Mahmoud, Trumpet (11th chair)
  • Ryan Li, Trombone (8th chair)
  • Eric Fan, Baritone (1st chair)
  • Kimmi Lin, Percussion (1st chair)
  • Anna Drescher, Percussion (5th chair)
  • Amelia Drake, Percussion (6th chair)
  • Norah Murphy, Timpani (1st chair)
  • Angella Zhang, Timpani (Alternate 1)

Students selected for the All-Suburban Jazz Band include:

  • Will Kodner, Jazz Alto Saxophone (Alternate 2)
  • Jacob Barnes, Jazz Guitar
  • Aditya Jain, Jazz Guitar (Alternate 2)