Peter Gariepy

  • 18 Berkshire    
    St. Louis, MO 63117
    (917) 691-1045

    Biographical Statement

    My name is Peter Gariepy (rhymes with “therapy”), and my wife and I are the proud parents of our daughter in first grade at Reed Elementary, our son in preschool (starting at Reed in 2024), and our rescue pup named Baloney.

    My wife was born and raised in St. Louis, which led to us choosing the Ladue School community to raise and educate our children. I have happily embraced one of St. Louis’s unofficial nicknames, Son-in-law City. Also a native of the midwest, I was born and raised just outside of Detroit. I graduated from Fordham University (B.S. in Public Accounting, M.S. Taxation) and Northwestern University (M.S. in Civil Engineering), and I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Missouri and Illinois. 

    Professionally, I am in the tax department of Ernst & Young, where I advise clients on state and federal tax credits. On the side, my wife and I own and operate a drive-thru coffee franchise in the area. I am also proud to currently serve on the Ladue School Board’s Finance Advisory Committee. 

    As a parent, CPA, and small business owner, I am grateful to be among the candidates seeking to serve our renowned school district. With any questions, please reach out through  

    Why are you running for the Ladue Schools Board of Education?

    The current board has judiciously built a sound financial foundation that has enabled game-changing initiatives like the upgrade of our school buildings and expanded access to early childhood education while supporting the teachers, administrators, and support staff who deliver on the high standard expected and appreciated by the families who entrust their children's education to Ladue Schools.

    I am running to help further strengthen the district’s financial position to benefit current and future students who will be directly impacted by the board’s near-term leadership for years to come.

    What do you believe are the strengths of the Ladue School District, and what are your ideas for building on those strengths?

    Among the district’s primary strengths are: 

    • Consistently providing a world-class education for students of different backgrounds, abilities, and interests. I will advocate for the creation and implementation of course offerings and teaching methods that reach the current needs of students and better prepare them for the ever evolving landscape they will navigate outside of school.
    • Attracting and retaining highly qualified educators, administrators, and support staff. As a board member, respecting the value of those who interact with our students each day will remain at the forefront of my decision making.
    • Maintaining the financial discipline necessary to pursue new opportunities for serving our students, while continuously earning the trust of the district’s taxpayers. Through service on the board, I will push for the adoption and adherence of financial best practices to increase sustainable funding for our district to continue elevating its educational experience.    
Peter Gariepy