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School Board

General Information

Visit BoardDocs for all Board of Education-related information, such as:

For highlights of action taken and information received by the Ladue Schools Board of Education in individual meetings, visit Board Briefs.

The Ladue Schools Board of Education sets annual goals based on the initiatives incorporated in the district’s current Strategic Plan and other topics essential to the district's short- and long-term welfare.

Board Advisory Committees

The Ladue School District is fortunate to have residents with a wide variety of skills, knowledge, experience, and talents. Those who wish to share their expertise are invited to apply to serve on one of our Community Engagement Committees: 1) Curriculum & Instruction, 2) Finance & Facilities, and 3) Legislative. Each committee is comprised of district administrators, Board members, staff, and district residents. Members serve for a two-year term and can serve for two consecutive terms.

The Community Engagement Committee descriptions:

  • Curriculum & Instruction Committee
    Raises and studies topics, make suggestions, and provides coordination for the curricular instructional processes of the district.
  • Finance & Facilities Committee
    Reviews and provides input in planning the business activities of the district and provides master planning to ensure buildings support educational needs, provide safe environments for students and staff, and are operationally efficient and reliable. Building life cycle and sustainability are essential components of the evolving plan.
  • Legislative Committee
    Helps to increase engagement and involvement within our community by initiating dialogue about legislation that could impact public school education.

Missouri Legislators Representing Ladue School District

Legislators need to hear from constituents on issues that are important to them. They particularly expect professional educators and members of school boards to advocate for various education-related issues, and they put significant weight on the opinions of the constituents these groups serve.

To determine who your Missouri legislators and how to communicate with them on various issues use the Missouri Senate’s Legislator Lookup tool.