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CrisisAlert School Safety Solution

Ladue Schools is launching the new CrisisAlert School Safety Solution by Centegix to empower staff and keep students safe during the school day.

All Ladue Schools teachers and staff will wear CrisisAlert badges that work in any district building and allow them to call for help with the push of a button. 

The CrisisAlert system supports a fast, reliable response from school administrators and first responders for events such as medical emergencies, student altercations, unauthorized visitors, suspicious activity, and similar situations by instantly routing requests for help. 

In the event of a school intruder, CrisisAlert goes one step further and allows any staff member to activate a lockdown response in the school building. The lockdown alert instantly reaches every staff member in the building and first responders during a time when every second matters.

The badges function everywhere, inside and outside, and the CrisisAlert technology determines the location of the alert down to an individual room and floor, so first responders know exactly where help is needed.