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LHWHS Journalism Program and Students Among Nation's Best

Students in the LHWHS journalism program earned the highest honors in the program’s history at the National High School Journalism Convention in Kansas City from April 4 to 6.

Three LHWHS publications earned Best of Show awards, distinguishing them as the top publications in their respective category present at the event. They include:

  • Panorama in the Newsmagazine category
  • Rambler in the Yearbook category
  • ID in the Specialty Magazine category, winning at its debut national competition

This makes a total of five Best of Show awards earned by the LHWHS journalism program; the Panorama previously won in 2023 and the Melodrama was recognized in 2022.

The Melodrama earned second in Best of Show for Literary Magazines and earned eighth in Best of Show for Websites.

Additionally, LHWHS took home two Pacemaker Awards, which recognize publications that set the pace and standard for other scholastic media:

  • Melodrama, Pacemaker award winner for Literary Magazine
  • ID, received an Innovation Pacemaker Award

The Rambler was named a Pacemaker Award finalist as well.

In addition to the overall publication awards, several students took home individual awards:

National Scholastic Press Individual Awards 

Quill and Scroll National Journalism Honor Society Awards

  • Ladue Publications placed 3rd overall in Q&S Photography and Design competition
  • Celina Zhou placed 1st in Beginning Designer/Artist
  • Vincent Hsiao placed 1st in Breaking News Photography
  • Vincent Hsiao placed 1st in Sports Reaction Photography
  • Mason Eastman, Madeline Awad and Vincent Hsiao placed 1st in Feature Spread Design.
  • Kelly Zhang placed 2nd in Beginning Designer/Artist
  • Katie Myckatyn, Cindy Liu, Ella Bender, Arti Jain, Ira Rodrigues, Vincent Hsiao, Mac Huffman placed 2nd in Climate and Environmental Writing
  • Rory Lustberg earned an Honorable Mention in Profile Writing
  • Maya Mathew earned an Honorable Mention in Profile Writing
  • Annie Zhao earned an Honorable Mention in Profile Writing
  • Emily Liu earned an Honorable Mention in Column Writing
  • Grace Huewe earned an Honorable Mention in Sports Feature Writing
  • Nitya Nara earned an Honorable Mention in Feature Page Design

National Student Media Contests

  • Kelly Zhang earned a Superior in Graphic Design: Infographics
  • Marie Demkovitch earned a Superior in Newswriting
  • Emily Liu earned a Superior in Newsmagazine Layout
  • Kayla Chan earned a Superior in Yearbook Copy/ Captions: Sports
  • Isabella Soyfer earned a Superior in Yearbook Copy/ Captions: Clubs
  • Lila Goldstein earned a Superior in Graphic Design: Logo
  • Katie Myckatyn earned an Excellent in Editorial Writing
  • Sylvia Hanes earned an Excellent in Sports Writing
  • Rory Lustberg earned an Excellent in Press Law and Ethics
  • Frank Chen earned an Excellent in Commentary Writing
  • Grace Agnew earned an Excellent in Literary Magazine: Poetry
  • Celina Zhou earned an Excellent in Literary Magazine: Illustration
  • Arti Jain earned an Honorable Mention in Feature Writing
  • Elena Bollman earned an Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy/Captions: Academics
  • Jax Bespalko earned an Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy/Captions: Student Life
  • Grace Kweon earned an Honorable Mention in Editorial Cartooning
  • Sydney Proper earned an Honorable Mention in Yearbook Layout: Inside Pages
  • Lucy Dempsey earned an Honorable Mention in Literary Magazine: Photography