Helpful Tips for ParentSquare

Smartphone and Desktop Computer
Did you know you can access ParentSquare using your desktop computer by going to and signing in using the email address or phone number provided to the school upon your child’s enrollment?

Notification Settings
Did you know you can update your Notification Preferences separately by school and by district

There are three available settings: 

  • Off: no notifications about posts will be sent to you. Emergency Alerts and Notices will still be sent, and School Alerts if turned on.
  • Instant: you’ll receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification every time a post, message, or notice is sent.
  • Digest: you’ll receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification once a day in the evening with all posts from that day. Any emergency notifications will come through instantly, and a school/district can override settings as needed for an urgent message. If you choose Instant notifications and have multiple children in multiple schools, be prepared as that can add up to a lot of messages. 

ParentSquare has announced a new feature for users on its app

ParentSquare TipYou can now see all your notifications across all your schools in one place. To easily locate a recent notification received on your mobile phone, tap the Bell icon 🔔  in the upper right to go to the Notifications Screen. You will see your latest notifications for posts, events, alerts, etc. Tap the notification to view the entire message.