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The OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program promotes literacy with a proven approach designed to develop reading and language skills, and build children’s self-esteem and positive attitudes toward learning. The program currently operates in 20 cities and 916 schools across the U.S. and has won numerous national, state and local awards.

Working with elementary school students, the OASIS Tutoring Program pairs adults with young children, grades K-4. Adults work one-on-one with students each week. The tutors provide academic support and a mentoring relationship with their student. Communication skills — reading, writing, listening, and discussion — are emphasized in the weekly lessons.

Since 1989, volunteers have helped more than 300,000 children nationwide learn to read so they can achieve success in school. Three key components contribute to the program’s success.

They are:

  • a specific focus on building reading and language skills of 5- to 10-year-old children
  • a specifically-developed curriculum and training program for the tutors
  • an ongoing educational program for the tutors

Tutors participate in comprehensive training where they learn activities and strategies to help children learn. Experts in the field of literacy meet with the tutors throughout the year.

This experience is rewarding for both students and tutors. The students benefit from individual attention and gain self-esteem, enthusiasm for reading, and improved academic performance. Tutors find the warm and caring relationship they develop with the children to be rewarding.

Share your love of reading with a child.
Become a tutor, a mentor, and a friend.

Tutor Responsibilities

OASIS tutors participate in an in-depth training program where they learn activities, techniques and strategies to help children learn to read. These learning strategies are designed to complement and support the reading program used in the Ladue Schools. The emphasis for these activities is based on the range of communication skills — listening, talking, reading and writing.

OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring pairs volunteers with students in grades K-4. Volunteers spend one hour a week working one-on-one with the same student through out the year. The tutor helps the student develop reading skills, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning. The adult is a tutor, mentor, and a friend.


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