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The Link newsletter is distributed to every household in the district multiple times each year. While we realize we live in a predominantly online world, the vast majority of our tax paying patrons do not have school-age children in our district at any point in time! This means that as many as 77% of the households in our community do not have a direct connection to information about our schools.

The next Link will arrive in district resident mailboxes in the next few weeks. As a sneak peak, click below to preview a page of district demographics — some of which may surprise you! We are fortunate to have a very diverse student population in many ways and therefore take very seriously our responsibility to make sure every family in our Ladue Schools community feels respected, honored and safe.

Other articles include information about district finances, progress on the high school renovations and upcoming Board of Education elections. Keep an eye out and know that your support of our Ladue Schools community is very much appreciated.

Demographics that May Surprise You

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