Important Updates from the Superintendent

Jan. 12, 2022: COVID positivity rates are at an all-time high. Taking into account recommendations from the CDC, St. Louis County Department of Public Health, and our Medical Task Force team with respect to COVID exposure protocols, we are updating our contact tracing practices in order to streamline our COVID communication efforts.

What does this mean for your family?

  • Middle school and high school families are asked to visit our website for the most updated COVID information.
  • FGC, elementary schools and LECC, will be notified as cohort groups of positive classroom cases.

Streamlining contact tracing and communication efforts will allow more time for our school nurses to focus on keeping COVID positive cases out of our schools, making sure students do not return too early after isolation (they need to be symptom-free), caring for our students showing symptoms during the day, and communicating with families affected by COVID. Focusing on these four areas over the next few weeks will allow us to keep our school environment as healthy as possible and our community safe.

If an individual tested positive for COVID and has been verbally cleared to return to school or work, on the first day back, the individual must:

  • Report to the school nurse’s office before reporting to class. The nurse will verify if the individual is symptom-free.

Please note, streamlining our contact tracing and communication efforts will also help parents better manage the sheer volume of school-to-home emails.

Resources for Ladue parents:
Close contact procedures posted on our website 
COVID Data Dashboard 

Stay safe and be well.

Visit our COVID Information website for additional information and updates: