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Proof of Residency Documentation List

Proof of Residency Documentation List (print version)

In order to enroll a student in the Ladue School District, the parent or court-appointed legal guardian of the student must provide a valid Driver’s License or photo identification and documentation from each of the lists below. All documents provided must be current and display the name of the parent or legal guardian, as well as the district address (private information may be blacked out).

If the family has recently moved into the district, and the document provided from List A is a sales contract with a closing date after the beginning of the school year or the first semester, a tuition deposit will be necessary. Please contact the Superintendent’s Office at (314) 994-7080 for further information.

If the parent/legal guardian does not rent or own the district property, or does not have the required documentation, the parent/legal guardian should call the Student Services Office at (314) 994-7080 to schedule an appointment to determine if they are eligible to enroll in the Ladue School District. 

A valid Driver’s License/Photo ID plus the following CURRENT documents must be provided in order to enroll.:

  • One (1) document from List A and
  • Two* (2) documents from List B
    • *if DL/ID reflects district address one additional document required;
    • if DL/ID does not reflect district address two additional documents required

List A
(one document)

List B
(two documents)
Residential Sales Contract Current Utility Bill
Mortgage Statement Credit Card or Bank Statement
Property Deed Voter Registration Card
Real Estate Tax Bill Personal Property Tax Invoice
Homeowner's Policy Paycheck Stub
Lease/Rental Agreement Required Annually (lease extension must be accompanied by the original lease). Insurance Statement
Month-to-Month Lease Agreement required three (3) times per year (August, December, January) IRS Tax Statement
  Social Services, Social Security Benefits Statement, or Other Legal/Court Documents