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Employment Opportunities

The Ladue School district employs highly-motivated staff members who possess a strong commitment to fostering the achievement of all students. We strive to attract individuals with solid academic credentials, creative teaching strategies, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and exceptional leadership qualities. Enthusiasm and the ability to work with our diverse student population are required.

Current Openings in the Ladue School District

Employees have access to an outstanding benefits program and a highly competitive salary scale which provides the resources to maintain physical and mental health for themselves and their families.

Salary and Benefit Information

The Ladue School District does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, socioeconomic status, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by law in its programs or activities.  Inquiries related to district programs may be directed to the Director of Student Services Dr. Tiffany Taylor-Johnson at (314) 994-5314, 9703 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO  63124. The Ladue School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Read our full Non-Discrimination Statement.

Student Teaching

All students interested in teaching are welcome to submit placement applications to the Ladue School District. Please read the following information and instructions carefully before contacting the Ladue School District or any of its employees.

  • Applications must be sent to the Human Resources Department to the attention of Terri Jones at the address below.
  • Teachers and/or building administrators should NOT be directly contacted. This applies to all placements for student teachers, student observations, student practicums and counseling.
  • Placements will be made based on building administrator input, cooperating teacher availability and the student’s field of interest.
  • All applications should be completed 90 calendar days in advance.

To participate in placements at Ladue Schools, the following must be completed as part of the application process for each student teacher, student practicum, student observation (must be 10-hour blocks or more) and/or counselor requests:

  • Current year Memorandum of Understanding between the district and the university
  • Official school dates (semester) if the applicant wishes to participate
  • Field of interest
  • Cleared background results or verification letter of cleared results from the university
  • Cleared TB test results 

Applications must be sent to the Human Resources Department to the attention of Terri Jones at:

Ladue School District
Human Resources/Attn: Terri Jones
9703 Conway Road
St. Louis, MO  63124
Fax: (314) 994-0441
Call: (314) 994-7080 with any questions