Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I share an update for the next edition of Ramblings?

    We’d love to hear about your career achievements, retirements, family updates, gatherings with your classmates, or anything else you’d like to share with your fellow alumni. To share your news, use our online submission form or send an email to

    How do I register my alumni account with the Alumni Association?

    Visit our Update My Information page. To create a new account, click 'Start Here' and follow the instructions. To obtain your member number, please email with your full name at graduation and graduation year. You will use this number to activate your account.

    How do I update my contact information with the LHWHS Alumni Association?

    You can send your current mailing address, email address, and/or phone number to and we will update your alumni record. You can also provide your contact information using our online submission form.

    How can I get in touch with former classmates?

    The LHWHS Alumni Association does not give out alumni contact information. If you would like to try and reach a former classmate, please email with your name, graduation year, contact information, and names of those whom you wish to reach. We will then attempt to contact those individuals and provide them with your contact information. You may also register in our alumni database (see instructions above) to search for classmates who have made their contact info public.

    Does my class have a website or Facebook page?

    The Alumni Association does not manage any individual class websites or Facebook pages. We recommend reaching out to your class representative for any information. Please email to obtain their contact info.

    I didn't receive an email from my class/the latest edition of Ramblings. What happened?

    First, check your spam folder; our email server is sometimes recognized as a "suspicious" sender, although it is completely safe. If you still don't see the message, either we don't have your email address on file or you opted out of alumni communications in a previous email. Please note that if you opt out of any alumni email messages, you are opting out of all future alumni email messages. We do not have the ability to opt you into specific types of messages (for example, you are not able to receive updates from your class rep but opt out of receiving the e-newsletter; all messages come from the same server). Please email to opt back in.

    Is my class holding a reunion this year?

    All reunion and alumni event planning is initiated by alumni, not the Alumni Association. If you don't see an upcoming reunion listed for your class on this site or in the newsletter, it could be because your class has not yet shared the details with us. We recommend reaching out to your class representative for the latest information. Please email to obtain their contact info.

    I'd like to start planning a reunion. Where do I start?

    Visit our Reunion Planning Guide for more information.