Human Resources

  • Collective Commitment #3

    Hiring, retaining and developing exceptional staff dedicated to our students and representing our diverse school community.

    Objective #1

    • Develop strategies to attract highly qualified, diverse candidates.
    • Analyze and develop an overall rebranding of the Ladue Schools Human Resources department.
    Photo of Technology Staff
    • Utilize a variety of marketing and advertising strategies, including social media platforms, to attract candidates.
    • Develop partnerships and relationships with HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to attract and recruit student teachers and applicants of color to improve our hiring of diverse candidates.
    • Expand the definition and development of a “Grow Your Own” program, including but not limited to: professional development for current support staff, recruitment of Ladue Schools alumni, Ladue Schools staff encouraging and promoting the teaching profession with current students, and the development of a high school class for current students who are interested in the education profession.

    Objective #2

    • Develop and implement consistent screening, interviewing, and hiring protocols and practices district-wide in all buildings and departments.
    • Develop a Hiring Manual with established protocols, procedures, and expectations for the hiring process to ensure all candidates are awarded a fair opportunity to be hired.
    • Provide bias training for all administrators and hiring managers regarding our hiring practices. The hiring manager will then be required to provide that same training to each interview committee before each interview process.
    • Train administrators and hiring managers on behavior-based, interview-style questions. This interview method allows the interview committee to assess candidates’ skill sets, attributes, and values at a deeper level.
    • Develop an onboarding process and timeline that provides new staff with the training, resources, and support necessary to be set up for success.

    Objective #3

    • Develop and establish systems, support, and programming to develop and retain all employees.
    • Develop a support plan for each new teacher throughout their first two years in the district.
    • Develop a support plan and provide a mentor for each new support staff employee throughout their first year in the district. The Human Resources Manager will set updates to check in that first year to provide support and training to retain each person in the position.
    • Review the existing Continuing Education Program and Tuition Assistance to ensure it is providing support for both certified and support staff employees.
    • Provide opportunities for staff to work with or meet with other staff inside and outside of school hours (examples: Affinity Groups, PLC Teams, Building/Department Team Building, etc.).
    • Find ways to support and provide resources for the “whole person” for each staff members’ physical, emotional, social, and mental health.
    • Review evaluation instruments for each employee group to ensure they match the job descriptions. Also, ensure the evaluation system provides support for each employee and allows for continuous improvement using goal setting, objectives, self-reflection, and opportunities for improvement. Provide training to ensure consistency and validity for the evaluation tools for all employee groups.
    • Provide an opportunity for an exit Interview (in person or electronic) for every staff member who leaves the district. Analyze feedback provided and look for trends and patterns, and use that data as an opportunity for growth within the organization.