Early Childhood Education

  • Collective Commitment #1

    Delivering innovative, individualized, and inquiry-based programming designed to address the academic and social-emotional needs of our students inside and outside of the classroom.

    NOTE: This area of focus falls under Collective Commitment #1 which is subdivided into four areas under Curriculum & Instruction/Student and Community Services. The four areas of focus are Curriculum & Instruction | Student & Community Services | School SafetyFuture-Ready ProgrammingSocial-Emotional LearningSTEAM, and Early Childhood Education.

    Objective #1
    Expand access to Pre-K at the current Ladue Early Childhood Center.

    • Create and solidify a process, procedure, and communications plan for scholarship applications utilizing our partnership with the LEF and the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program to maximize the number of district families using the scholarships.
    • Create a communications plan for the scholarship program that utilizes the district website, building administration and counselors, and other methods of communication to reach all families.
    • Research and explore the need and costs for a transportation plan for students receiving scholarships.
    • A review of the current LECC structure includes delineating services, staffing levels, compensation strategy, and ongoing financial measurements and objectives.
    • Research other early childhood programs and best practices with a focus on improving students’ academic achievement and social-emotional well-being to ensure our program best meets the needs of our students, community, and staff.

    Objective #2
    Expand Pre-K services to designated elementary buildings.

    • Create and utilize available Pre-K classrooms in elementary schools.
    • Determine a plan for before- and after-school care support for the expanded Pre-K programs at the elementary schools.
    • Collaborate with kindergarten teachers to ensure vertical alignment with the Pre-K and kindergarten curriculum.