Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Curriculum & Instruction Department is responsible for guiding the curriculum development for the Ladue School District. Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) sets the learning standards for each grade level. We then form committees of teachers under the guidance of a curriculum coordinator to write a curriculum aligned to Missouri’s Learning Standards (MLS) to teach to our students at each grade level. Our curriculum coordinators and instructional coaches as well as reading and math specialists also train and provide feedback to principals and teachers in the delivery of the curriculum. We use state and local assessments to measure progress toward each learning standard.

    More information about our curriculum, development process, contact information, and helpful resources can be found by clicking on one of the links below.

    This department is responsible for developing and maintaining all educational programming and curriculum throughout the Ladue Schools.

    Other responsibilities include:

    • Research and implementation of new programming
    • Professional development and educational alignment tools
    • Intervention programs
    • Gifted programming, assessments, curriculum, and acceleration programs

    In addition, the district’s Student & Community Services Department supports and plays a vital role in ensuring the needs of students are met, and the district remains in compliance with the many county, state, and federal guidelines and laws that govern us. For more specific information about these services and contact information for this department, visit the Student & Community Services section of this website.

Principles of Teaching and Learning

  • The Curriculum and Instruction Department believes that quality curriculum and instruction should provide the following characteristics:

    • Student Led Inquiry

    • Equitable experiences and opportunities for all students

    • Opportunities for students to demonstrate the complexity of thought (solve real-world problems)

    • Common but creative experiences, using the standards as guideposts

    • Honor the voices and stories of our students

    • Provide every student the opportunity to learn something new every day

    These values are at the core of our work and provide the guideposts for our decisions in regard to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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