Administrative Team

  • Brad Griffith, Principal
  • Dr. Andy Ross, 9th Grade
  • Annette Hayes, 10th Grade
  • Mike Tarpey, 11th Grade
  • Dr. Beth Rapoff, 12th Grade
  • Jim Sievers, SSD Area Coordinator

Athletic Department

  • Nick Gianino, Athletic Director
  • Jenifer Strohbeck, Activities Coordinator
  • Gregory Kendall, Activities Coordinator

Front Office Staff

  • Charlotte Robinson, Registrar
  • Katherine Takami, Administrative Assistant to Principal
  • Karyn Willard, Administrative Assistant (Dr. Andy Ross and Annette Hayes)
  • Heather Flaherty, Administrative Assistant (Dr. Beth Rapoff and Mike Tarpey)
  • Lynda Rater, Administrative Assistant (Accounting)
  • Becky Jenkins, Attendance
  • Artina Clark-Lloyd, Receptionist