Welcome to the Technology Team

  • The technology team includes Information and Instructional Technology. Our team provides guidance and support to promote the use of technology in student learning. To do this, we are partnered with the Curriculum and Instruction Department and work closely with administrators and teachers to plan for the integration of technology into all facets of the curriculum and learning environment.   A partnership between curriculum and technology creates a culture of innovation, and a more seamless rollout of instructional learning, software, and new curriculum. 

    Areas of Responsibility and Supervision:

    The Technology Department provides districtwide support for purchasing, maintenance, user assistance, and user training for all computers, copiers, phones, hardware, and software used within the district by both employees and students. In addition, the Technology Department plays an important role in district professional development,  communications, and security.

    General Information

    Tara Harris
    (314) 983-5318

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Information Technology

Instructional Technology