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Community Survey FAQs

School Climate Survey FAQs

What is the Panorama Survey?

Panorama Education provides research-backed surveys that help school districts capture the voice of their students, families, and staff in an effort to guide continuous school improvement. Panorama Education works with more than 1,500 school districts across all 50 states. Survey tools are one instrument Ladue School District uses to gather critical feedback from the community and measure the impact of district efforts. 

Who takes the Panorama Survey?

Panorama surveys are open to students, staff, and parents/guardians twice each school year in the fall and spring. The surveys are for students in grades 3-12 only. 

Do all students have to take the survey?

No. Parents and guardians have the right to opt students out of the survey. Students 18 or older can opt themselves out of the survey. Each letter is shared with families in the weeks before the survey opens notifying them about the survey and how to opt out.

How do I opt out my child from taking the survey?

Families may preview the student questions and have the option out of the survey. If you have reviewed the student survey questions and do NOT want your child to participate in the survey, please complete this online opt-out form.

What’s in the survey?

Panorama survey instruments gather perception data from students, staff, and families related to school climate and sense of belonging. Students in 6th through 12th grade and staff also provide feedback on cultural awareness and inclusion in school.

How are the results from the survey used?

Perception data gathered through Panorama survey instruments help guide us in creating a greater sense of belonging and inclusivity for all stakeholders. Survey results are one data point used at the district level to inform strategic planning objectives. Principals and school teams use survey results to focus on the continuous improvement of school climate and social-emotional learning (SEL). Evaluating changes in perception data over time assists with determining the impact of action steps. 

What information does DESE require for surveys?

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires us to administer surveys at the district's discretion for school improvement. The first cycle of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP 6) will occur in the 2022-23 school year. The continuous improvement domain contains a climate and culture component that includes surveying students, teachers, staff, and parents to obtain feedback to be analyzed in planning and developing our school's Continuous Improvement Plan. The climate and culture survey must address the following three essential indicators: student voices are heard and respected, school culture and climate data and reports are provided to stakeholders, and educator teams address positive classroom learning environments.  

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