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Student & Community Services

Welcome to Student & Community Services

The Student and Community Services Department plays a vital role in ensuring the needs of all students are met and that the district remains in compliance with the many county, state, and federal guidelines and laws that govern public schools.

Areas of Responsibility and Supervision:

In addition, the head of the department, Dr. Derrick Wallace, also serves as the district’s federal compliance officer for Section 504, FERPA, Title IX, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Dr. Derrick Wallace

Dr. Derrick Wallace
Assistant Superintendent for
Student & Community Services
and Title IX Coordinator

Email Dr. Derrick Wallace
(314) 983-5314

Dr. Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Director of Student Services

Dr. Tiffany Taylor-Johnson
Director of Student Services
McKinney Vento Act and Foster Care Liaison
Email Dr. Tiffany Taylor-Johnson
(314) 983-5306

Student Services Team

Ammarra Berry

Ammarra Berry
Administrative Assistant
Email Ammarra Berry
(314) 983-5314

Ann Body, Registered Nurse

Ann Body, RN, BSN
District Lead Nurse and Health & Wellness Coordinator 
Email Ann Body
(314) 983-5560

Dr. Jennifer Riesenmy, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Riesenmy
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator
Email Dr. Jennifer Riesenmy
(314) 983-5962

Danielle Green, District Social Worker

Danielle Green
District Social Worker
Email Danielle Green
(314) 983-5339

Ashley Arnold. School Psychologist

Ashley Arnold
School Psychologist
Email Ashley Arnold
(314) 983-5337

Stephanie Chapie
Behavior Specialist
Email Stephanie Chapie
(314) 983-5381

Dr. Catina Lyles, Special School District Director

Dr. Catina Lyles
Director, Special Education
Email Dr. Catina Lyles
(314) 983-5371

Johnicka %22John%22 Turner, Special School District Elementary Administrator

Johnicka (John) Turner
Elementary Special Education Administrator
Email John Turner
(314) 983-5371

James Sievers, Special School District Administrator (Secondary Schools)

James Sievers
Secondary Special Education Administrator
Email James Sievers
(314) 983-5459