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Per district policy EBC-2, drills are regularly conducted throughout the school year in each of the district’s school buildings for the safety of our students and staff. These drills include fire, tornado, earthquake, and intruder options-based training. The drills aim to improve our ability to protect students and staff. Additionally, these drills allow us to evaluate our procedures and make any necessary changes to make our practices more efficient. Our schools conduct an age-appropriate active intruder drill. Before the drill, all students learn the nationally recognized 4E method: educate, evade, escape, and engage.

Additionally, we hold staff-led discussions about having the courage to report any safety concerns and how to escape to the rally point (safe location). We typically do not notify families before or after these drills are conducted. However, given the recent national news events about threats in academic settings, we want our parents/families to be prepared to have subsequent discussions with your child.

The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority; therefore, we take our drills/ training very seriously. We appreciate your support and cooperation. Please refer to the Tips for Parents brochure for additional information about active intruder drills.