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Welcome to Facilities and Maintenance

The Ladue School District is committed to creating the best learning environments possible for our students, which includes the buildings in which this learning takes place.

Facilities Master Plan

To ensure the educational needs of Ladue Schools students are met in both the short and long term, the district maintains a Facilities Master Plan. This plan documents the history of facility improvements in the district, identifies current facility needs, and sets forth a plan for moving forward. A primary goal is to ensure facility improvements become and remain proactive, rather than reactive, by anticipating building and systems life cycles and incorporating prudent financial planning.

The most recent update of the Facilities Master Plan was completed in the fall of 2018.

Other Resources and Information

The Facilities & Maintenance Department is also responsible for:

  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Coordination of safety assessments and procedures
  • Security systems (in conjunction with the district’s Technology Department)
  • Warehousing
  • Coordinating with suppliers and contractors for day-to-day building and ground maintenance and operations
  • Coordinating with the district’s suppliers, general contractors, and other contractors in conjunction with specific construction and maintenance projects

Mike Noonan
Director of Facilities
(314) 983-5341 
Email Mike Noonan

For general facilities information, contact:

Sandy Fincannon
Administrative Assistant
(314) 994-3500
Email Sandy Fincannon

For facility use / rental information:

Visit the facility use page to submit a request.