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The Ladue School District libraries are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience within the district. Their mission is to align with the district curriculum, to encourage a love for reading, and to facilitate the development of strong skills in utilizing information effectively. 

The vision for the Ladue School District libraries centers on serving diverse communities with excellence. This involves maintaining high-quality collections, incorporating cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal accessibility, and employing well-trained professionals.

The library program's goals encompass several key aspects:

Through this comprehensive approach, the district libraries play a pivotal role in enriching education, fostering a lifelong love for learning, and equipping students and staff alike with the skills to excel in an information-rich world.

Library Handbook

  1. Cultivating a genuine appreciation for literature and reading among students.

  2. Establishing each building’s library as a safe and inviting environment.

  3. Nurturing a positive rapport between students and librarians, positioning them as valuable resources for academic and personal information.

  4. Empowering students to navigate libraries autonomously and effectively, advocating for their own learning needs.

  5. Curating a varied collection of reading materials that serve as mirrors, windows, and doors – reflecting diverse experiences, providing insights into other cultures, and offering opportunities for exploration.

  6. Equipping students with critical thinking abilities and proficiency in information literacy.

  7. Providing comprehensive support to all staff members by granting access to essential materials, information, and resources based on their requirements.