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English Language Arts

In the Ladue School District, we promote a curriculum of evidence-based best practices within a comprehensive literacy framework for all students. We believe children must acquire the level of literacy that allows them full participation in our democratic society. 

Vision for English Language Arts Education 

The Ladue School District offers a rich and diverse curriculum that encompasses various aspects of English Language Arts. Some of the key elements of our program include:

Reading and Literature
Our students engage with a wide range of literary genres, exploring classic and contemporary works. We encourage critical thinking, literary analysis, and a love for reading.

Writing is at the heart of our curriculum. Students learn to express themselves effectively through various writing forms, including essays, creative writing, research papers, and more.

We focus on building strong communication skills, which are essential for success in school and beyond. Our students learn to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with clarity and confidence.

Research and Analysis
Our program equips students with the tools to conduct research, evaluate sources, and present their findings. We encourage critical thinking and problem-solving through research projects.

Media Literacy
In the digital age, media literacy is crucial. We help students become discerning consumers and creators of media content, promoting responsible and ethical use of technology.