Gifted & Talented Program

  • All Ladue Schools’ Gifted Programs recognize that gifted students have individual learning and social/emotional needs that differ significantly from their peers that require specialized, targeted intervention. The gifted program provides a flexible, innovative, and rigorous learning environment with instruction that differs in pace, depth, and elaboration of study to facilitate each student toward becoming a lifelong learner and a responsible global citizen. 

    All Ladue Schools’ Gifted Programs will have students develop habits of mind to question, design, and reflect upon problems and their solutions, and apply self-advocacy skills to resolve asynchronous development and their relationships.

    Gifted Definition

    Section 162.675. RSMo defines gifted children as “those children who exhibit precocious development of mental capacity and learning potential as determined by competent professional evaluation to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation could best be served by an academic environment beyond that offered through a standard grade level curriculum.”