• Volunteer Handbook (Print Version)


    The Ladue School District encourages and welcomes volunteers. Volunteers enhance the overall learning experience for our students and the entire school community. The involvement of all stakeholders in our vision of learning will help to ensure success for our diverse population of learners. 

    Volunteers are an important resource for all schools and staff members. However, the safety and security of all students and staff are the highest priority. As a result, the district will fully screen all designated volunteers — this is the same screening level all employees must complete. 

    This handbook provides valuable information regarding policies, procedures, guidelines, and other tips associated with volunteering for the Ladue School District. 

    Together we will make a difference. Volunteers are an important component in the success of our students and organization. We are delighted you have chosen to take an active role in the education of our students by volunteering, and we look forward to seeing you in our schools! 


    Visitors are welcome and are defined as any individual who attends a schoolwide event and/or will be in an assembly area such as an auditorium or gymnasium for the purpose of a play, recital, talent show, etc. Visitors are also allowed in the cafeteria to eat lunch with their child or in a classroom to visit a class party. All designated visitors are required to comply with Policy KK – Visitors to District Property/Events. 

    In accordance with Policy KK and Missouri state law, no person listed on the sex offender registry may be present in any school building, on district property, in any district vehicle utilized to transport students, or be present at school activities at any time. 

    Volunteers are defined as any individual assisting staff and/or students in the school setting that follows a regular schedule or will be left unsupervised with students. Examples include but are not limited to the following: regularly assisting in a library/office/classroom, tutoring students, assisting/chaperoning with a class/activity field trip, or supporting an extracurricular activity. 

    Further information may also be found in Policy IICC – School Volunteers.

    At the end of this handbook, you will find the forms required of all designated volunteers. Please complete the appropriate forms and return them to your child’s school. If you have children in multiple schools, you only need to submit the forms to the building where you will spend the most time volunteering. 

    Vendors are defined as independent contractors, outside agencies, organizations, and/or business entities that provide services to the staff or students. Vendors may be hired/contracted by the district or groups affiliated (parent organizations*) with the district. Any employee of a vendor must also be properly background checked. Specific items and other necessary documentation to be provided to the district and/or affiliated group will be outlined in the written contract/agreement between the appropriate parties. 

    *Parent organizations sponsoring activities after normal school hours and/or on non-student attendance days will be required to complete the appropriate facility usage form and provide necessary documentation in accordance with Policy KG – Community Use of District Facilities. The guidelines as set forth in this handbook will not apply to such activities. In addition, the parent organization will assume liability and associated responsibility for any sponsored activities as outlined in Policy and Administrative Procedures KG. 

    Procedures for Volunteers 

    Volunteering in the district is a privilege. The Board of Education, superintendent, assistant superintendents, and/or building principals may terminate or decline the services of a volunteer for any reason. Pursuant to Policy GBEBC, all designated volunteers will be required to complete full background checks (including child abuse/neglect, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and FBI screenings). 

    Volunteers will provide support services but are not substitutes for the professional staff and will work under the direction and supervision of district and building staff. Screened volunteers who may be left alone with a student will have an employee contact person or supervisor to monitor activities with the students. 

    Step 1 

    All designated volunteers will be required to submit a registration form (Form A) to the building they wish to provide volunteer services. The building administration will initially review the registration form and forward it to the Human Resources Department. 

    Step 2 

    After receiving the registration form, the Human Resources Department will contact the potential volunteer. All volunteers will be coordinated and screened through the Human Resources Department at the Administrative Center at 9703 Conway Road, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63124. 

    Further information will be provided to the potential volunteers and will include directions on completing the required background screenings. Once the information is sent, the volunteer will be responsible for completing and submitting all necessary paperwork. All background information is confidential and will be maintained in accordance with district policy by the Human Resources Department. 

    These background checks ensure the safety and security of our students, which is our top priority. Please note, that volunteers may not work in any school until ALL background checks have been received and reviewed by the district. This usually takes less than a week after completing and submitting the final background check. 

    Step 3 

    Volunteer background information will be reviewed by the Human Resources Department. Cleared volunteers will be required to present photo identification upon entrance into the building. Volunteer badges will only be provided for off-campus events. Any volunteer that is denied based on the background results will be sent a written notice. Building administrators will only receive cleared/denied information for each screened volunteer. Background checks must be renewed every five (5) years or as otherwise outlined in district policy. 

    Payment of Fees 

    Volunteers will be required to initially pay for the cost of the full background checks. However, the district will reimburse volunteers for the cost of these background checks upon completion of 50 clock hours of volunteer time. Consideration will be given to anyone wanting to volunteer but experiencing financial hardship. A time log (Form B) is included at the end of the handbook. The building must verify the time log before reimbursement will be processed. Completed and verified time logs should be returned to the Human Resource Department for processing. 

    Remember, only regular volunteers, such as tutors, parent readers, office workers, library workers, etc., that follow a regular schedule or are left unsupervised with students will be required to have a full background check. Visitors are not required to complete a full background check. 

    Other Guidelines for Volunteers 

    • Photo identification must be presented upon arrival
    • Keep all information obtained from a student’s education record confidential 
    • Use the main entrance/exit 
    • Wear your Raptor identification badge at all times to identify yourself to staff and students 
    • Follow the same dress code applicable to the students (may be found in the student handbook) 
    • Commit to a regular schedule and call in advance to let the school know if you will be absent 
    • Be consistent with, and support the building and/or classroom rules for behavior and schedules 
    • Encourage students to do their own thinking and give them plenty of time to respond 
    • Never be completely alone with a student or put a student in an uncomfortable situation 
    • Do not search students or student property 
    • Contact staff if you feel a student’s behavior is inappropriate 
    • Report all suspected cases of bullying/harassment, neglect or abuse to the building principal 
    • Use adult designated restrooms only 
    • Do not bring other children to volunteer locations (this creates a safety concern) 
    • Follow all policies, procedures and other rules established in the district and all applicable laws (the policies and procedures are available via the district website or in every office) 

    Emergency Procedures 

    Providing a safe and clean environment for everyone is a high priority in the Ladue School District. Each room in each school has a Building Emergency Procedures poster. Instructions for handling various situations, such as fire, tornado, and earthquake are described. Evacuation routes are also included. Familiarize yourself with the information contained on this poster. Every moment counts when a situation arises. Be prepared. 

    District Technology 

    Software Usage: 

    • Installing personal software onto district technology is strictly prohibited. 

    Internet Usage: 

    • The Ladue School District realizes the Internet is a valuable resource in classrooms and workplaces. The use of such resources should be closely monitored to ensure that information, which is not acceptable for student exposure, is not accessed. Internet usage should be curriculum focused at all times. Any use of the Internet to access inappropriate materials is strictly prohibited. 

    Technical Assistance: 

    • If difficulties arise with computer hardware, software, or printers you are using, please contact the teacher you are working with, or the office administrative assistant.