The Fifth Grade Center resides on property originally purchased by the Ladue School District in 1959 and opened in the 1961-62 school year as West Ladue Junior High School.  In 1980, at a time when district enrollment was declining, the property was sold to Special School District.  The property was then sold to Westminster Christian Academy in 1982. 

In April 2010, after several years of increasing enrollment and with elementary school space nearing capacity, a $32 million bond issue allowed the Ladue School District to purchase the property again.  Significant improvements had been made to the property by Westminster Christian Academy, including several classroom additions, as well as indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.

The district’s state-of-the-art early childhood center was built on the property and opened in the fall of 2012.  The existing building was renovated and is opening as the Fifth Grade Center in fall of 2013, alleviating overcrowding in the district’s four elementary schools and creating the districts only single-grade center.